Tuesday, February 5

Francesco Maria Testa

He meticulously catalogues his photographs according to the time of day, date and season. Any mutation or slight variation is recorded with the extreme care and attention of an expert. I asked him for some of his notes relating to his photographs. They read as follows: “File 0327. Asciano 14/05/07 h. 11.57: in diagonal a service path. In the foreground, grass cut for hay with an “island” of uncut grass. In the background, raising wheat”. It is, in fact, a beautiful art work set in diagonal, in a composition developed according to the tonality of the green, starting from a variegated light green as a base and from a succession of various shades of green, which then gradually intensify according to the zone matter and the soft surfaces of the plane areas.

--Lara-Vinca Masini

So, it is Asciano but it is not Asciano. They are rather the remaining visible traces of trials through which that landscape has passed, immobilized as human memory, beyond all time.

-- Mirella Branca

Francesco Maria Testa's photographs

grazie vilaine fille