Wednesday, February 20

being there


Chance happens on a tree with a cracked limb, hanging to the
ground. He stops, inspects the break, runs his fingers along
the split in the bark. He looks to the ground, notices that
an end of the limb has fallen on a seedling, bending it
double. Chance pulls the limb away, then kneels beside the
seedling. He removes an expensive pair of suede gloves, and,
with gentle fingers, brushes the dirt and snow away from the
seedling. Chance glances up to the remaining limbs of the
larger tree which could fall and threaten the emerging tree.
He unfolds his umbrella, places it over the seedling in a way
to give it protection, yet to still allow it to receive light
from the winter sun. Chance stands, puts his gloves back on
and continues his walk...

-- Jerzy Kosinski and Robert C. Jones Being There

Being There script (December 16, 1978 draft)