Thursday, December 29


chestnuts_4774 ©2011 RosebudPenfold

For every word has its marrow in the English tongue for order and for delight.

-- Christopher Smart, from Jubilate Agno

Jubilate Agno



Thursday, December 15

MoMA Courses Online Registration Open for Winter/Spring 2012

PMNYS Fast-Forward Preview (Part 1) by Mab MacMoragh

Registration for Winter/Spring 2012 MoMA Courses Online is now open! Information and registration here.

PMNYS is an independent student project by the Post Millennium New York School painters, a group of artists who met virtually in the Spring 2011 MoMA Online Course, 'Materials and Techniques of Postwar Abstract Painting' taught by Corey D'Augustine.

This is Part 1 of the project, which will eventually include a video of the paintings along with a narrative in a virtual setting.

PMNYS Painters are:

Betsy Ritz (Rhode Island USA)
Bobbie Friedman (Rhode Island USA)
Chris Jeffrey (Vermont USA)
Deborah Rhee (Melbourne, Australia; Dallas, Texas USA)
Doug Brannon (North Carolina USA)
Hilary (USA; Berlin, Germany)
Jackie Mintz (Maryland USA)
Kim Charlton (New York USA)
Mab MacMoragh (Georgia USA)
Mania Row (Essex and London, UK)
Maria Rosa Benso (Turin, Italy)
Marie Louise Eriksen (Denmark)
Maryse Wicker (France, Connecticut USA)
Monica Ridruejo (Spain)
Myriam Kassin (Bogota, Colombia)
Pauline Ginnety (Ireland, France)
Rose Golledge (Brazil, UK, Portugal)
Starr Davis (California USA)
toon den heijer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Thank you to MoMA Courses Online!



daylily_2807 ©2011 RosebudPenfold

Everything that is touched by light
loves the light.

-- Linda Gregg, lines from 'Surrounded by Sheep and Low Ground'

Read 'Surrounded by Sheep and Low Ground'

Wednesday, December 14


ginkgo_7342 ©2011 RosebudPenfold

What I thought I had left I kept finding again
      but when I went looking for what I thought I remembered
as anyone could have foretold it was not there
      when I went away looking for what I had to do
I found that I was living where I was a stranger
      but when I retraced my steps the familiar vision
turned opaque and all surface and in the wrong places
      and the places where I had been a stranger appeared to me
to be where I had been at home called by name and answering
      getting ready to go away and going away 


There are the yellow beads of the stonecrops and the twisted flags
      of dried irises knuckled into the hollows
of moss and rubbly limestone on the waves of the low wall
      the ivy has climbed along them where the weasel ran
the light has kindled to gold the late leaves of the cherry tree
      over the lane by the house chimney there is the roof
and the window looking out over the garden
      summer and winter there is the field below the house
there is the broad valley far below them all with the curves
      of the river a strand of sky threaded through it
and the notes of bells rising out of it faint as smoke
      and there beyond the valley above the rim of the wall
the line of mountains I recognize like a line of writing
      that has come back when I had thought it was forgotten

-- W.S. Merwin, lines from 'Fox Sleep'

Saturday, December 3


4227 ©2011 RosebudPenfold

Like a tree that sadly drops its leaves,

I drop sad words, scattered
By the wind. And if time should
Gather them unwanted and unneeded . . .
So be it . . . The golden grove . . .
Talking in soft undertones.

-- Sergei Esenin, lines from 'The Golden Grove'
Tr. R.A.D. Ford

Sergei Esenin