Tuesday, October 19


The really tricky thing -- maybe the trickiest of all -- was that you had to turn yourself completely over to the process before you even knew where it was going. That was the one thing, I now understood, that you just had to do. Because if you didn't -- if you tried to call the shots ahead of time and make the road go the way you thought it should go instead of the way it actually did -- it would just vanish before your eyes ... Like that strange giant fish that had just swum away from us, it would just disappear back to the place from which it had come. A place you could never really see from the normal world no matter how hard you tried, but that was always right out there all the same -- alive, and awake, and watching, for all its invisibility.

-- Ptolemy Tompkins The Beaten Path: Notes on Getting Wise in a Wisdom-Crazy World