Sunday, October 3

the misfits

ROSLYN: Thanks. I mean thanks for not laughing at me.

He looks at her mystified.

ROSLYN: People do, you know. I don't know why.

GAY: I could guess why.


GAY: Well ... people are mostly kiddin' -- even when they ain't kiddin'. But you -- even when you're kiddin' you ain't kiddin'. What you got to do is put it on a little bit, and you could go places. It's only a game, y'know -- and you takin' it like its serious. People always laugh at that.

ROSLYN: Is it a game to you?

GAY: Well, I don't mix much -- and when I do, I just let 'em talk. I mean I'm friendly, but I ain't with them. (He gets up) Let's go outside -- sun is warm by now.

-- Arthur Miller The Misfits