Thursday, May 4


"It's innate," I answered. "I already showed it as a child. Incidentally, fur excites all high-strung people — an effect that is consistent with both universal and natural laws. It is a physical stimulus, which is just as strangely tingling and which no one can entirely resist. Science has recently demonstrated a kinship between electricity and warmth — in any case, their effects on the human organism are related. The tropics produce more passionate people, a heated atmosphere causes excitement. The same holds for electricity. Hence the bewitchingly beneficial influence that cats exert on highly sensitive and intelligent people; this has made these long-tailed graces of the animal kingdom, these sweet, spark-spraying electric batteries the darlings of a Mohammed, a Cardinal Richelieu, a Crébillon, a Rousseau, or a Wieland."

"So a woman wearing fur," cried Wanda, "is nothing but a big cat, a charged electric battery?"

-- Leopold von Sacher-Masoch Venus in Furs
Translated by Joachim Neugroschel