Friday, July 8

From a Phrase of Simone Weil's and Some Words of Hegel's

In              back              deep the jewel
The treasure
No              Liquid
Pride of the living life's liquid
Pride in the sandspit wind this ether this other this element all
It is I or I believe
We are the beaks of the ragged birds
Tune of the ragged bird's beaks
In the tune of the winds
Ob via              the obvious
Like a fire of straws
Aflame in the world or else poor people hide
Yourselves together              Place
Place where      desire
Lust of the eyes the pride of life and foremost of the storm's
Multitude moves the wave belly-lovely
Glass of the glass sea shadow of water
On the open water no other way
To come here the outer
Limit of the ego

-- George Oppen