Thursday, October 7

Between embryo, corpse, the compelled child,
The youth growing, the education in questions,
The man of imperatives, the ontological predicament–
In the population of forms he came naming them
Because the idea requires the idea.

            There is never anything more truthful
Than what you yourself make of it
Except the possibility that is always there
Behind you, at the back of the mirror,
Behind the brain, in back of the universe–
                          And that also as you will make it.

     –Came into the delivered air
Crying the violence: there was the storm in the heart of the flower,
The perpetually new diagram in the snowflake, the explosion
Locked in a drop of water.
                                                The population of forms outran guesses:
There was the garden, the tree,
The fruit he was forbidden to eat.

-- Peyton Houston, lines from The Changes