Wednesday, May 30

'I try to follow'

Did the people he photographed in the Dominican Republic know who he was?

"Sometimes someone would come up to me and say, 'You're the guy from Sex and the City.' "

Did he ever join in doing the merengue during a photo shoot?

"A couple of times. I can do a little merengue, It's graceful, but it's difficult to dance. To dance it, you have to seriously study the movements. I try to get a partner who knows what she's doing, and I try to follow."

How about the tango?

"I can't dance the tango to save my life," he says.

-- Mikhail Baryshnikov, interviewed by Milton Esterow in 'A Little Dance with a Digital Camera' ARTnews May 2007


Mikhail Baryshnikov: Dominican Moves