Tuesday, April 5


RAYMOND: So what is your opinion on modern art?

CATHY: It's hard to put into words really. I just know what I care for and what I don't. Like this -- I'm not sure how you pronounce it -- Mirra?


CATHY: Miró. I don't know why but I just adore it. The feeling it gives. I know that sounds terribly vague.

RAYMOND: No. It actually confirms something I've always wondered about modern art, abstract art.

CATHY: What is that?

RAYMOND: That perhaps it's just picking up where religious art left off. You know. Trying to somehow show you divinity, put it up there on the wall. The modern artist just pares it down to the most basic elements of shape and color. But when you look at that Miró, you feel it just the same.

CATHY: Why, that's lovely, Raymond.

We hear the brief shriek of a woman's laugh. CATHY turns to see MONA LAUDER, MR. FARNSWORTH, and two other women snickering among themselves over CATHY and her friend.

ELEANOR, who is standing listening to an ELDERLY WOMAN, also notices the commotion.

ELDERLY WOMAN: To tell you the truth, I was rather shocked by the prices. But then I've always preferred the work of the masters ... Rembrandt, Michelangelo --

ELEANOR spots CATHY saying good-bye to RAYMOND and starting off down the hall.

ELEANOR: I'm terribly sorry -- Would you excuse me a moment?


ELEANOR starts after CATHY.

ELEANOR: Cathleen!

CATHY: El, honey. It all looks just marvelous --

ELEANOR whisks CATHY to the side.

ELEANOR: Cathy, who on earth was that man? You have the whole place in a clamor!

CATHY: Oh for heaven's sake, why? Because of that ridiculous story?

ELEANOR: (squinting off at RAYMOND) Who is he?

RAYMOND is now introducing SARAH to a smiling, middle-aged woman in a hat.

CATHY: His name's Raymond Deagan. He's Otis Deagan's son.

ELEANOR: Your gardener?

-- Todd Haynes Far From Heaven